Fall in love – Aoyama Thelma x SOL [BIGBANG] Full Song and introduce


Fall in love – Aoyama Thelma x SOL [BIGBANG]





Thelma: Good morning to everyone watching Mezamashi TV, I am Thelma Aoyama
TaeYang: I am SOL
Thelma: I’ve been a big fan of Big Bang for some time now and I like listening to their songs
TaeYang: ~hehe…Thanks
Thelma: I offered to collaborate with them this time and they gave me the “OK”
This is the first time the both of them have had a collboration with an
artist overseas, but the mood is very light during the filmin and the
two perform perfectly together.

TaeYang: Our
vocals and heart rendering lyrics are perfect for this season. Today
we’re going to show a clip of “Fall in Love” for those watching this




credits: Kay & Yuko @ alwaystaeyang // gackt0908 & BigBangSHINeeWorld @ youtube

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